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The Burley Living History Project

The Burley Living History project is a two year scheme set up in 2010 with a grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund to make filmed interviews of local residents recalling life in the past in Burley. These interviews are to be recorded onto DVD and made available in the long term to the public via a touch screen TV located at a suitable location in Burley.

Burley Primary School is also involved in the project and will create a film, under the guidance of a professional film maker, of village life using a heritage theme. All aspects of history and events in Burley life are of interest to the project including the fire service, the old railway, the Red Cross, the theatre group, the WI, the village show, history of family businesses that go back generations and the way the Second World War affected village life.

Artefacts and photographs relating to the village history are also being collected with the intention of setting up a museum sometime in the future. If anyone feels they have something to offer the project either by being interviewed or donating (or loaning) artefacts and photos please contact Sandy Simpson on 01425 403501.


Supported by The National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund